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Helen Rodriguez Hypnotherapy and Wellness

Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

Make a positive change one step at a time...

Call today for a free 30 minute consult: 347-566-1975

Hypnosis can help you with:

  • Increasing self-esteem and confidence.
  • Phobias.
  • Emotional pain.
  • Anxious feelings.
  • Feelings of sadness, anger, shame and guilt.
  • Success and prosperity programming (with recording).
  • Motivation.
  • Past-Life Regression (technique used to recover memories of previous lives).


Many people are living their lives with emotional pain, fear as well as believing erroneous beliefs about themselves that hold them back from achieving their goals and dreams.

What is hypnotherapy and how can it help me?  

Hypnotherapy is the use of therapeutic techniques in conjunction with hypnosis. It is used to reprogram the subconscious mind and create a change.  The subconscious mind is where we keep our memories, imagination, emotions and beliefs. 


Hypnosis is a naturally occurring, but altered state in which the client’s mind and body go into a heightened state of focused attention, making them more responsive to suggestions for self-improvement or behavior modification. 


During a hypnotic session, the client is conscious, in control and will never say or do anything they wouldn’t want to and they will always remember the session.

What does the hypnotherapist do?

The hypnotherapist is a “facilitator” of change using one or more of the following modalities to shift your thinking and create change: 

•    Hypnotic Programming (with recording).
•    Parts Therapy.
•    Childhood Regression.
•    Breathwork.
•    Past-life Regression.
•    EMT- Eye Movement Therapy.
•    Meditation.



Is hypnosis mind control?

Being in hypnosis is being in a natural but altered state similar to the state when you are just about to fall asleep or when you are so focused on a thought while driving and you notice that you almost missed your exit. The client is always in control and will never say or do anything they wouldn't want to. 


How do I know hypnotherapy will help me?

Hypnotherapy works directly with the mind, so anything that the mind can effect, hypnotherapy can help with.  Depending on the issue at hand, the use of more than one modality and/or session may be required. 



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Currently offering online sessions only.

Contact me today for a free 30 minute consultation.  

Tel: 347-566-1975


**I am a Certified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I am not a mental health practitioner, counselor, or a physician. Hypnotherapy should not replace your mental or health care services.  If you are experiencing any mental or physical health issues, please contact your physician or provider. Hypnotherapy can create positive changes, but results cannot be guaranteed. Your success is dependent on your desire and willingness to change. 

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